gta 50 Jubilee

Analyzing the history of urbanism is closely linked to the history of academic institutions, in which this subject was discussed, researched and taught. In the eventful decade of the 1960s, when the interest in the history of urbanism was revived, many academic institutions were founded, which devoted themselves to the history and theory of architecture and urban design. Among them, the gta Institute and therein the Chair for the History of Urban Design were established at ETH Zurich in 1967. With the beginning of the fall semester 2017, the gta 50 jubilee exhibition was opened and a series of jubilee events was initiated. Parts of the program were the conference The History of Urban Design

Living Today (and Tomorrow). Lifestyle, Issues, Politics.

Seminar class “Abitare oggi (e domani). Stili di vita, questioni, politiche”, in English “Living today (and tomorrow). Lifestyle, issues, politics.”, took place on November 15-16, 2017 in Venice, during the course “Urban policy and housing” (held by prof. Francesco Gastaldi) in the study course “Planning and urban design” of the Department of “Design and Planning in Complex Environment” (IUAV University of Venice). This seminar goal has been relating the history of Italian housing policies since the post war period until today and the instruments, the respective processes and the stakeholders involved. Moderated by the local professors Giulio Ernesti and Francesco Gastaldi, seven experts too

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