International Scholarly Conference for Young Researchers "Exploring the Past: New Social Histo

International Scholarly Conference for Young Researchers "Exploring the Past: New Social History at the Crossroads of Methodological Trends" was a nice opportunity for me and other young researchers to present and discuss our research within an interesting and promising academic programme. This academic event was held for three days between 22nd and 24th March 2018 at the main Campus of the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy” in the Ukrainian capital - Kyiv. After the excitement of being selected for the conference, a wish to enrich my research and a hope to find compelling materials in Ukraine were followed with an opportunity to spend some time in Kyiv. As it is required, an inte

From Giuseppe Campos Venuti to Federico Oliva: XX Century Italian Urbanism and the “Austerity” Chall

The lecture “Giuseppe Campos Venuti in XX century Italian urbanism and the “austerity” challenges for the future”, took place on 20th March 2018 in Barcelona, during the course “Regional and urban economy” held by prof. Carlos Ramiro Marmolejo Duarte in the frame of “MBArch.” (Master’s degree in “Advanced Studies in Architecture - Barcelona”. Specialization line in “Urban and Architectonic Management and Valuation”), having as objective the promotion of the research in the fields of planning and management of the city and the territory ( This experience gave me the opportunity to explain in a foreign country the XX century Italian urban planni

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