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Advisory Board

We are very proud to have gained outstanding researchers for our Advisory Board for the next three years. These colleagues will accompany our research giving us orientation, discussing with us as internal interlocutors and enriching our project with their own contributions:

  • Harald Bodenschatz, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany

  • Mariusz Czepczyński, Uniwersytet Gdański, Poland

  • Peter J. Larkham, Birmingham City University, Great Britain

  • Eliana Perotti, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

  • Àlvaro Sevilla Buitrago, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

  • Charlotte Vorms (member of Advisory Board 2017-2019), Université de Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

  • José Luis Oyón (member of Advisory Board from 2019), Catalonia Polytechnic University, Spain.

In this way we strengthen the pan-European character of urbanHIST, extend our network integrating renowned universities and round our academic setting with Sociology and Town Planning, Cultural Geography, Art History, Town Planning and Urban studies, Economic and Social History. In order to communicate better their academic profile, we asked them to refer two publications:

Harald Bodenschatz

Berlin Urban Design. A Brief History of a European City. 2nd extended edition. Berlin 2013. DOM publishers. ISBN 978-3-86922-105-2 (181 pages), also available in Chinese and Korean

(Ed.) Städtebau für Mussolini. Auf der Suche nach der neuen Stadt im faschistischen Italien. Berlin 2011. DOM publishers. ISBN 978-3-86922-186-1 (520 pages).

Peter J. Larkham

Larkham, P.J. and Conzen, M.P. (eds) (2014) The shapers of urban form  Routledge, New YorkLarkham, P.J. (forthcoming, 2017) ‘Disasters: recovery, replanning, reconstruction and resilience’, in Hein, C. (ed.) , The Routledge Handbook on Planning History  Routledge, New York

 Eliana Perotti

​Theoretikerinnen des Städtebaus. Texte und Projekte für die Stadt, Berlin: Reimer Verlag, 2015 (ed. together with Katia Frey).

Anthologie zum Städtebau, 3 vol., Berlin: Gebr. Mann, 2005/2008/2014 (ed. together with Vittorio Magnago Lampugnani und Katia Frey).

 Charlotte Vorms

Bâtisseurs de banlieue. Madrid : le quartier de la Prosperidad (1860-1936), Paris, Créaphis, 2012.

(with Laurent Coudroy de Lille and Céline Vaz), L’urbanisme espagnol depuis les années 1970. La ville, la démocratie et le marché, Rennes, PUR, 2013.

Mariusz Czepczyński 

Czepczyński M. 2008. Cultural Landscape of Post-socialist Cities. Representation of Powers and Needs (Adlershot: Ashgate)

Czepczyński, M and Czepczyński M. 2015. Heritage resurrection: German heritage in the Southern Baltic cities [in:] E. Auclair and G. Fairclough Theory and Practice in Heritage and Sustainability. Between Past and Present. London and New York: Routledge: 132-146

 José Luis Oyón

La quiebra de la ciudad popular. Espacio urbano, inmigración y anarquismo en la Barcelona de entreguerras, 1914-1936, Ediciones del Serbal, Barcelona, 2008.

La ciudad en el joven Reclus, 1830-1871, Ediciones del Viaducto, Barcelona, 2017.

Alvaro Sevilla Buitrago

​Sevilla-Buitrago, A. (forthcoming 2017) Martin Wagner in America: Planning and the political economy of capitalist urbanization, Planning Perspectives.

Sevilla-Buitrago, A. (forthcoming 2017) Gramsci and Foucault in Central Park: Environmental hegemonies, pedagogical spaces and integral state formations, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space.

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