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Within urbanHIST implementation period, there are certain binding publication milestones. You can find more information in the following list of planned publications, which are defined in the Grant Agreement:

  • the publication of urbanHIST Miscellany edited by all members of urbanHIST. The book will include contributions from all ESRs, supervisors and consortium members (APOs/NAPOs) forming a compendium on the European history of urbanism in the 20th century from an intersectoral perspective. The book will be available as an e-book on the project website in order to make the results easily accessible for a broader public.


Apart from a contribution to urbanHIST Miscellany, ESRs will be obliged to publish their findings in 6 different academic formats:

  • min. 2 journal publications (one in a peer-reviewed publication series e.g. “City and History” at UPJŠ; one in a highly ranked journal related to the field e.g. “European Urban and Regional Studies” or “Journal of Architectural and Planning Research”);

  • 2 open source journal publications (e.g. “Urban Studies Research” or “Individual and Society” at SAV);

  • 2 open access congress report contributions (i.e. “Young urban(H)IST” conference and “urbanHIST conference”).


The academic formats will be complimented by a number of:

  • blog contributions (e.g. “urbanHIST blog” or “polis”),

  • local newspaper articles (e.g. Thüringer Allgemeine or Diario de Valladolid).



Last but not least, the planned list of publications contains the publication of ESRs´ PhD theses.


The supervision team and the members of the “dissemination committee” will assist the ESRs with publishing their findings in high-threshold formats. The publication of results in open access journals is given special attention as it enables anyone to profit from the results and findings within urbanHIST and as such, it contributes to the overall dissemination strategy of urbanHIST.  


All projects receiving Horizon 2020 funding are required to make sure that any peer-reviewed journal article they publish is openly accessible, free of charge (article 29.2. Model Grant Agreement). For more information on open access publications, see the following link: click here

Overview of urbanHIST Publications


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