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Elvira Khairullina - Thesis Defense


The EC-H2020-MSCA urbanHIST project, the implementation of which ended on 28 July 2021, brings another great result in the form of the third PhD diploma defended within the double degree scheme.

On October 18, 2021, the PhD thesis of Elvira Khairullina, M.A. was successfully defended. Elvira defended her thesis "Trams in Socialist Urban Planning in the 1960s and 1970s: Urban and Transport Models in the GDR, the CSR and the USSR". Within the framework of the project's innovative training network and the double diploma programme, Elvira Khairullina was a PhD student at Universidad de Valladolid in Spain, as well as at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. Her doctoral studies, however, went far beyond the boundaries of the two aforementioned training institutes. As part of professional internships or study and research stays, she worked at various academic as well as non-academic institutions in Europe. The dissertation had a largely interdisciplinary character.

The defense of the dissertation was conducted in a hybrid format, with part of the committee attending the defense in person at Universidad de Valladolid in Spain, and the rest of the committee as well as the public audience participating online via live streaming from Universidad de Valladolid in Spain. The quality of the thesis was evaluated by the committee at Universidad de Valladolid with the highest possible rating "Sobresaliente" - with distinction.

On the basis of the bilateral agreement and the Double Degree Agreement between UVa and UPJŠ, Elvira Khairulina, M.A. will be awarded the PhD degree by both universities.

Congratulations, Elvira!

Azmah Arzmi - Thesis Defense

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urbanHIST is very proud to announce the result of the second dissertation thesis defense within urbanHIST project - the doctoral candidate Azmah Arzmi successfully defended her dissertation thesis “Reinterpreting Marzahn, Berlin & Petržalka, Bratislava: From Process Of State Socialist Utopia To Utopia Of State Capitalist Process” on 16 December 2020.


The defense took place in a hybrid format, with some members of the committee participating in person and with the rest of the committee and the public participating online, through direct streaming from Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar, Germany. After presentation of the thesis, the reviewers ((Prof. Dr. Welch-Guerra, Prof. Dr. Matej Spurný, Prof. Dr. Martin Pekár, Prof. Dr. Juraj Buzalka) introduced their reviews and academic debate followed.


Ms. Arzmi was a PhD candidate at Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar, Germany as well as at Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Slovakia and as a result of this, she will be awarded the double PhD. degree from both universities. On behalf of our urbanHIST community, let us express our sincere congratulations to Azmah.

PhD Colloquium at UPJŠ

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On 2 October 2020, the Department of History, Faculty of Arts, Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice organized its annual event - PhD. Colloquium, within the regular training activities of the Department as well as urbanHIST programme. The annual evaluation event was attended by the regular PhD students of the Department as well as by urbanHIST doctoral students Jovana Janinović, Adam Górka and Ondřej Jirásek, and their supervising and coordinating team.

Federico Camerin - Thesis Defense

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It is with great pleasure that we can announce the first dissertation thesis defense within urbanHIST project – the doctoral candidate Federico Camerin defended his doctoral thesis “The role of the Great Property in the European City-Making Process in the last third of the 20th Century: Military Property as Reference” on 24 June 2020 through a public online presentation with the attendance of approximately 20 people.


The quality of his work was certified by the final vote, “sobresaliente” (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain) and “magna cum laude” (Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar, Germany) so he was awarded the double degree of “Doctor en Arquitectura” and “Doctor Philosophiae” through the bi-national doctoral procedure based on the cotutelle agreement.

Congratulations, Federico, on behalf of urbanHIST community

Federico Camerin´s Publications

Local Training Seminars at UVa – April/May 2020


Our beneficiary universities continue training Early Stage Researchers despite the ongoing pandemic. One example is Universidad de Valladolid that organised two online sessions for its fellows in April and May 2020. On 3 April 2020, the online event "Rivers and cities. Recent experiences and new challenges“ took place, with the participance of the guest lecturer Pablo de la Cal (Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain).


The session had been introduced by ESR Ksenija Krsmanovic. During the webinar “Government Action in Town Planning in the 20th Century” on 8 May 2020, two lectures were given by the members of urbanHIST team at UVa - "Francoist Urbanism in Rural Areas: Covaleda” by Marina Jiménez (UVa), followed by "The Interior Agricultural Colonies of the Law of 1907: on the Scattered Settlements in the Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Colonization of the first half of the 20th Century" by Luis Santos y Ganges (UVa).


The webinar was concluded by Laurent Coudroy de Lille (UPEC, France) with his contribution “From Vichy Regime to the Postwar Period in France (1940-1956). An Urbanism between Memory and History.” You are welcome to find more details in the attached posters and photos from the two sessions.

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