Solaris is the title of a science-fiction novel published in 1961 by Stanisław Lem. The chronicle offers an in-depth view of futility and human nature that develops around a group of earth astronomers and their unsuccessful attempts to communicate with an extra-terrestrial life form. The scientists, who for decades have been studying a sentient viscous ocean located in the planet Solaris – mostly in vain – rely on nothing but two old books aboard their space station. The first volume, described as the History of Solaris, elaborates on all the theories, observations and speculations attempting to understand the functioning of the gelatinous ocean-being; while the second volume, Bibliography,

Webinar at IUU-UVa

The last May 3, Beatriz Fernandez Agueda participated in a webinar at Instituto Universitario de Urbanística of Valladolid. She made a two-parts conference, exploring the circulations and shared ideas of the first XX century decades in urban planning history. The first lecture was a reflexion about the 1919 competition for the design of “Greater Paris”. Beatriz undertook an analysis of the projects that participated in the cited competition. Most of them regrouping French and international architects, the ideas that structured their proposals exemplify the first disciplinary tools that further urban planning would develop; park systems, zoning, integrated metropolitan transport… The competit

Regeneration of Former Trieste Barracks (Casarsa della Delizia, Pordenone) and Military Armoury (Vol

In February and March 2019 I participated in two debates in the frame of the re-use and regeneration of former military sites in Italy. These old military properties are the Trieste barracks in Casarsa della Delizia (Pordenone province), and military armoury. The public events were: - “Processi di dismissione degli immobili militari: prospettive nazionali e una prima indagine sul Montello” [Processes for the disposal of military properties: national perspectives and an initial survey on Montello] at Volpago del Montello Town-hall in the frame of the project financed by the same municipality called “Riqualificazione della ex Polveriera di Volpago del Montello. Primi incontri con i cittadini p

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