The Christmas Magic of Vienna

In November 2018, I had a chance to spend a week in Vienna and participate in the 6th Young Scholars Forum (YSF) on Central- and South East Europe „Cross-border cooperation in Central and South East Europe“. The symposium, organised by the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe gathered 30 young scholars engaged in research of different aspects of political, historical, economic, social, urban and cultural life in the region, in order to promote and encourage cross-border cooperation and knowledge transfer and further the mobility within the region. In the impressive venue of the Europahaus Wien, researchers debated on variety of contemporary questions in the region, such as the

Clear Research in the Foggy Albion

Between October and December 2018, I did my APO Secondment at Leicester University in England. The objective was to work with contemporary and historical materials published in English. This visit was also my first visit to England. For this reason, apart from my research objectives it was also interesting to experience English education system and English scientific culture. During the whole period of stay, Professor Simon Gunn and all the researchers of the Centre for Urban History were very helpful with valuable recommendations about the literature, places to visit and people to speak with. First, I started to work with the literature about transport planning history in the Leicester Univ

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