Winter Greetings from Gloomy Glasgow

Before visiting Glasgow for my first urbanHIST secondment starting in January 2018, I heard many different opinions about the Scottish winter. On one hand, it’s quite far north ­­– about the same latitude as the northern urbanHIST base Karlskrona – so snow is likely to fall, but on the other hand there is the Gulf stream, which creates a mild climate that allows even palm trees to grow. Now, after spending already more than two months here and asked to describe my Scottish winter experience in one word, I would say: unpredictable. It was snowing right after I arrived and I was warmly welcomed with the slightly ironic words, I came to best time to visit Glasgow. Since then, weather has been c

Bundesarchiv Lichterfelde

I had been considering visiting one of the German Federal Archives in Lichterfelde, Berlin the past few months but I had not really managed to do so until the first week of March. I had been going over a large amount of literature and other sources from libraries in Dresden and Weimar as well as busy with my secondment in Dresden that I had to find the time to organize my trip there. The German Federal Archives, or the Bundesarchiv are the official national archives of Germany, housing millions of documents dating back since the Middle Ages and containing valuable collection from the Nazi era, the files from both West and East Germany before the reunification, letters and old photographs. Th

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