Planning the Unplanned : Trip Building

UrbanHIST Košice team spent 3 days of November in Bratislava, searching to better understand the perks of urban planning, un-planning, re-planning and de-planning. Agnès, Jovana, Ondřej and Adam attended the scientific colloquium “Planned unplanned cities”, aimed at fostering international scientific networking and interdisciplinary research in the field of urban development. Using Bratislava as a lens through which contemporary challenges of the city planning and unplanning can be seized, the conference provided a space for exchange on variety of topics related to the urban transformations, (dis)continuity and fluidity of contemporary city, as well as the process of repositioning the role

The (Un)exciting Life of Historical Research

„You are going where?“ – „To Zürich.“ – „And you are doing what?“ – „Well, I am visiting a library.“ - „…?“ It’s not easy to explain my work to a friend, who has nothing to do with historical research. And she is right: why would I be moving from Germany to Karlskrona in Sweden to work as an Early Stage Researcher and then leave Karlskrona for a week ‘only’ to visit a library in Switzerland? As this means taking the bus to the train station, the train from Karlskrona to Copenhagen, the flight from Copenhagen to Zürich. And vise versa, with all its delays and construction sites and replacement bus services and… During these long journeys there is a lot of room for meaningless philosophical re


During a business trip and our participation in colloquium called Unplanned Planned Cities in Bratislava on 8 November 2017, we also visited the Slovak Radio Building which is shaped like an upside-down pyramid. The visit was thematically related to the focus of the colloquium. That is because the urban layout of the Slovak Radio building was a part of urban planning concept of the so-called Transverse Axis, a 90-meter-wide city boulevard passing from the Central Railway Station to the cultural and social centre. The concept has never been realized and only a few fragments, including the Slovak Radio building, were built. The Slovak Radio building, one of Bratislava's architectural dominants

Karlskrona, before and after

“Time flies and eventually all good things come to an end”, they say. Two years ago, I left Karlskrona leaving behind all my new friends, my favorite places, and the Swedish nature. Karlskrona, also known as the sunniest city in Sweden, had been my second home during the exchange period at BTH. Two years later I am back. Back to “K-town” where everything is, more or less, unchanged. Sometimes I have the feeling that time has stood still here. Even though I am already quite familiar with the Swedish lifestyle, my new colleagues, Andrea and Susanna, the “newbies”, remind me a lot of my first months in Sweden struggling to understand how everything works. Here are a couple of insights I have le

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