Starting new life: the urbanHIST experience in Valladolid

I’ve been living in Valladolid since April 2017: this city is filled with interesting nightlife, cultural events, attractions, great shopping and good-tempered people. Here you can easily go everywhere on foot and discover new interesting places to visit and people to get to know. Moreover, it is easy to find a good place to eat, somewhere you can taste typical Spanish dishes, such as a very good chuleton and lechazo, tapas and delicious desserts. In addition, here in Castilla y León autonomous community, you must try some of the most tasty Spanish (and European) wines. Nevertheless, I am here to pursue the European Joint Doctorate called urbanHIST in order to acquire a high-level internatio

¿Habla usted Inglés?

Arriving to Spain is always a blast having on mind that it is on the very top of the European most visited touristic destinations´ list, thanks to its natural and cultural beauty and heritage. After visiting its Mediterranean cost two times last year as a tourist, I returned to Spain for the third time to live, study and work at the university. From the very first day of my stay in Valladolid as an Early Stage Researcher, I understood that this time I am about to gain a different experience. Valladolid is not too big a city with round 300.000 inhabitants situated in more-less central Spain. Being famous for a good regional wine, lamb specialties and purest Spanish language in the whole count

Better late than never

To succeed as a researcher in an ambitious European project, as a mother of two small boys, being prepared is the key. For this reason, two months ahead of my start at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, I went to Karlskrona on my own, where I found out two basic things. Firsly, Karlskrona is in the middle of nowhere - it took 19 hours to get there by train - but what a lovely place it is! Secondly, there is a word in Swedish, which is the key to happiness! Should you ever think of moving to Sweden, remember it well: personnummer (personal number). The personal number consists of ten digits – sometimes twelve, don‘t ask me why! - and contains your date of birth. This is the confirmation of your exis


“Congratulations, you’ve just been accepted into the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar as one of the Early Stage Researchers for the urbanHIST project.” When I received the acceptance letter, I was in the midst of preparing the syllabus for the upcoming semester. I was a lecturer in the first architecture school in Borneo, the University College Technology Sarawak (UCTS). I had research topics and taught over 125 bachelor students, in a place that even most Malaysians themselves have never been to or even heard about, as it was far from the capital in the remote state of Sarawak. Prior to that I was a junior architect working on a seven building construction project in Kuala Lumpur. I decided to go

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